Friday, March 2, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is a Pig.

This blog post will be completely off the cuff.  I've only seen snippets of Sandra Fluke of Georgetown Law testifying before Congress dealing with the debate over providing prescription contraception to women.  For my health's sake, I've only been able to hear snippets of Rush Limbaugh's virulent attack on Sandra, but it was enough to get my blood to a boil. 

First off, I don't understand why we are having this debate over contraception.  For those who like to rail about women who "run off to get abortions", you do realize that providing contraception is a means to prevent unplanned pregnancies that some may lead to women having to decide whether or not to have an abortion.  That is a quick and fast summary of that issue and does not give it due weight to deal with all the nuances of that debate, but the point is: IF YOU PROVIDE COVERAGE FOR CONTRACEPTION, THEN YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE ABORTION ISSUE AS MUCH.  My opinion has been for the past few years: if we are fighting over the right to abortion, we have already missed the serious issue beforehand that involves sex education and providing contraception. 

Second, human beings have sex.  That is going to happen no matter what you want to think.  We are among the few species that do not have a set mating cycle that limits when males and females can couple.  Biology.   Its a pain in the ass I know for those who claim evolution is "evil"lution.

Third, what the fucking right does Rush Limbaugh have in calling a woman a slut on television?  The word "slut" used in the context that he used it on his show is just wrong.  Not only wrong, but disgusting.  Disgusting.  But it just seems that disgusting comments that spew forth from his mouth, whether calculated or not, seems to be Limbaugh's M.O.  From his comments about Donvan McNabb on MNF to his jingle about the former Senator Carol Mosely Braun to his "Magic N**ro jingle he plays mocking the President, Rush Limbaugh has not failed to insult, deride, and demonize persons without any legitimate basis behind it.

But calling a fellow law student a slut?  Because she thinks the government should support a plan that provides contraception to women?  I'm sorry, but while I can be old school in some fashions, that shit goes too fucking far.  Yeah, I'm using profanity, but that's how I feel.  I'm a goddamn veteran, I'm a fucking law student, and I'm a fucking man, and I think this is fucking disgusting.

This is just another example of the hateful and disgusting rhetoric that is coming from the right that is pissing me off.  I've had to sit back and see this, but I've hit my breaking point.  I really have. 

So stand by RW types...the shit's coming down the pipe.