Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bumbling Badgers

Indeed, I find more reasons as to why not to support the UW Athletic Program with P.J. Hill's latest antics. These days I could care less about how many games the Badgers win in any sport (actually, I root against the Badgers these days. I'm tired of hearing the boorish idiots in the student section at Citi presents Camp Randall on Qdoba Field. Plus, I can't find any alumni pride in a University that feels compelled to have luxury box seats at a college football stadium.).

They can build an expensive stadium, and pay a coach 1.6M USD per year (okay, so its probably only 950,000 USD after taxes), but I get a cheap ass Kinko's style diploma. I guess this is where one is supposed to start listing radical proletarian revolutionary rhetoric railing against the bourgeoisie.

Yes, I am aware that the athletic department is self sustaining these days, but I feel that its at the expense of the University. I recall that my senior year, the University was having to make budget cuts here and there all over the campus. Letters and Science, mostly the Letters part took the brunt of the cuts. But the Athletic department and the University itself felt that the money available in the athletic department coffers were probably best funneled into an egotistical renovation of Camp Randall. I wont comment on the football obelisk or self-aggrandizing statue of Barry Alvarez. Normally you unveil statues of people if they are effective leaders, win wars and end slavery or social inequality, create something useful for all society or cure a disease...or are a fictional boxer who goes the distance against the World Champion, not a football coach.

But hey, they have a great graduation rate for the football team. Well, 63% is about a D, so that's good enough for a degree! Good enough for me! Somehow, I think that should be around 90 or so, seeing that it is job of the coaches and the athletic department to make sure these undergraduates earn a degree. But maybe I'm way off. Probably because I don't believe in Bucky anymore.

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