Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Uncertainty of nothing

It is a bit terrifying realizing that I will in less than 100 days go from living in Japan-- which in the words of Garth Algar: Its like a new pair of underwear--at first its a bit constrictive but soon it becomes a part of you.--to returning to the area of the US that I grew up for most of my sophomoric youth.

The sophomoric part being complete is still under review.

Northwest Indiana. Da Region. Da Chicagoland area. NWI.

Or as I like to put it....the place I attempted to maintain a restraining distance of 1000 miles since leaving the Midwest.

Actually, its closer to 90 than 100.


I'm not sure how I will react when confronted by people from high school that I've long since lost track of--or forgot names--but they don't forget the things I said or did that I've long since forgotten. Hell, I can't even remember what I did three years ago today. A good guess is probably dealing with sleep deprivation or bobbing on the ocean somewhere.

The absolute best part will be that...I think...there will be a 10 year get-t0-gether for my high school class around the time I physically return to NWI.

Well, I could always show up as a Cowboy-Millionaire-Astronaut. Just make sure that I don't mention anything that could give me away.

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